Welcome to A Good Way To Think!

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We are a free community sharing practical exercises and scientifically proven techniques to train the natural thought habit patterns of your mind to create even more happiness than before!


Like learning a musical instrument, the brain can be trained to redirect neural pathways that reinforce positive emotions such as joy, enthusiasm, and contentment. At the same time, we can practise becoming more mindful of the present moment, and habituate grateful thinking patterns, which lead to lasting, genuine happiness.

Training the mind to be positive, present and grateful may not always come naturally, so we’ve developed a systematic, wellness orientated approach, using scientifically-backed exercises within a holistic, logical framework that genuinely increases our capacity to enjoy every moment of life.  Our Happiness Training Programs and sales of our book sustain the free elements of the community.

We share hundreds of practical tips, dozens of quick happiness pick-me-ups and a bunch of thought-provoking articles; all by-products of the personalised happiness training programs we specialise in.


Why is Happiness Important? 

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Increasing Happiness positively influences every aspect of our lives, from cognitive functioning to health and life expectancy. It is arguably the ultimate meaning of intelligent life.

Peer-reviewed research papers are frequently proving additional benefits, from building more meaningful relationships, increasing productivity and creativity, and even physical health benefits like lowering blood pressure and boosting our immune systems!

There is substantial evidence now linking increased levels of happiness with cognitive functions such as selective focus,  decision making and reducing likeliness of countless mental illnesses (including dementia).

For others, the motivation to develop the skills involved in sustaining happiness is simply to enjoy every precious moment of life on a deeper, more rewarding and joyful level. A Good Way To Think uses proven habit-reforming exercises, to make a significant positive impact on your happiness, and help unlock your best, happiest life….. We think that’s a pretty good way to think.


So why isn’t everyone happy?

Like everything worth doing, it comes with it’s challenges!

On the journey to increasing happiness, it’s easy to become complacent and tell ourselves we’re “happy enough”.

Slowly external pressures squeeze our priorities away from direct happiness and into indirect efforts to obtaining short term pleasures, via power, money, security etc.

These indirect routes can become so indirect, that we can find ourselves travelling in the wrong direction.

We don’t just reduce stress, A Good Way To Think delivers targeted, practical and logical exercises to empower you to sustainably increase your happiness intelligence, maximise your life satisfaction, and genuinely enjoy life even more than before.

I wish you every success in your happiness journey,