The Letter of Compassion

Have you ever done this? Have you ever written a letter of pure compassion, with the pure intention of the well-being of someone else, at heart?

In last weeks’ workshop in Findhorn, we had some amazing breakthroughs, so I wanted to share what we did with you:

  1. Take a pen and paper
  2. You will soon write a letter to someone, with the sole intention of allowing them to feel deeply loved.  You might express to them certain personality traits that they embody, which you greatly admire. You might put into words your goodwill for their happiness. Or find your own way to support them in feeling loved, appreciated, valued, and happy.
  3. If you choose to, you could keep this letter entirely anonymous.
  4. If you choose to, you could deliver this letter you write to the recipient…today if you can!
  5. So now think of anyone that is worthy of love.
  6. Now let them know it.

In my book, I share another 99 exercises like this, plus a comprehensive breakdown of how the elements of happiness interact, how they can be isolated and worked on, and how we can each increase our faculty and capacity of each, such as love, optimism, focus, gratitude, connection and overall happiness!

To your inevitable successes along the paths of happiness.

David 🙂

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