The “But, [Positive]” Technique

A client of mine said their favourite exercise we’d worked on is taking on the “But, [Positive]” challenge!  It’s a fun way to practise shifting negative thoughts and expressions, into uplifting positive thoughts and expressions.

I love it too – it’s a great way to turn negative thoughts and expressions, into uplifting moments of positivity.

What is The “But, [Positive]” challenge?

Each and EVERY time you notice you’ve said a negatively framed statement, like a complaint about someone or something, or only highlighting something’s flaws, follow the statement immediately with “But, [and insert a positive phrase here!]”

For example, “I don’t like driving to work in the dark….but actually, I’m still thankful I can drive, and have a car, and have a job and have working eyes to see that it’s dark.” 

OK, that may be a flamboyant example, just saying one positive this is still great.

Our minds and bodies only ever change with practice and effort – Athletes aren’t born athletic, linguists aren’t born with any language skills. We learn through practice, and with practice comes results.

What better exercise exists, than training the mind to replace cynicism with enthusiasm, loathing with gratitude, nonchalance with hope?

Here’s to your inevitable successes along the paths of happiness.

David 🙂

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