“I’m very grateful to have come across Dave, agoodwaytothink.com and his Happiness personal training.  The Skype sessions have helped me work on my evolutionary gift of negative thinking among other things.

I’m definitively happier since we started, that might be the six foot blonde I met recently, but that said I’m convinced if I wasn’t the more positive, happier person that Dave has helped me become she wouldn’t have been attracted to me.

Dave’s communication and scheduling is clear, his follow up notes insightful, the content interesting and the sessions enjoyable.  And for me its working.”

— Greg



In the brief span of time in which Dave entered my life, he made a tremendous impact on my personal view of both how happiness works and the subtle defeats we administer to ourselves each day.

He taught me to treat these not as setbacks but as privilege, the first step into turning each one into personal victory.

He is an inspiration to all who surround him and has the proper mindset and knowledge to help you change your life for the betterment of yourself and those around you.

— Josh H


Having worked with Dave a couple of years ago, there is no doubt in my mind that Dave is one happy and inspirational individual! He really opened my eyes to the definition of happiness and I am sure he will do the same for you, so give it a try! 😀

— Josh K


Dave is one of the most beautiful and inspirational people I have ever met

— Llumiya


Dave! You are phenomenal and I am so grateful your journey has led you here!  I am eager to learn from and support you in all that you do to help bring hope, happiness, and love to everyone. Much love!

— Kelly


I am looking forward to more posts from you! I, like everyone, have struggled on and off with life, happiness, negative thinking…. your encouraging words will help me to, well, just be happy!

— Amy


I’d love to hear your thoughts too

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