Happiness Training

Make the natural thought habit patterns of your mind even happier, for lasting positive results with one of the happiness training programs below.




Happiness Intelligence Program  

A transformational two-week program of live, one-to-one videoconferencing sessions from David. In each 45 minute session, we’ll develop a personalised program of habit reforming resolutions that begin to further increase your capacity to experience happiness from day 1. Total Program Price: £59/$89*

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Habituating Happiness Program

A powerful FIVE SESSION Happiness increasing course with five one on one videoconferencing calls of around 45 minutes each, with weekly resolutions that are personalised to your specific mindset and lifestyle situation. You will learn how to nourish those components of your life and mindset that affect your happiness, and which components in your life can deliver the biggest positive impact for you. We’ll work on targeted brain training exercises and lifestyle resolutions so you can build a genuine and sustainable happiness. Total Program Price: £119/$175*

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We also offer very affordable Coaching, with the partner platform: Coach.Me.
Please get in touch below for more details on interactive Happiness Workshops for corporate and community events, and educational webinar presentations we also do occasionally.


*We offer a “Pay what you can / Pay what you want” system — I passionately believe that a lack of money shouldn’t restrict anyone from being happy. To enable me to offer this service, anyone with more comfortable finances is invited to make a voluntary contribution to “pay it forwards” for those unable to pay the full prices listed. 

To help cover operating costs and support this project of sharing happiness, donations are welcomed here.

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