Practising Elation

You know that feeling you get when you find some money hiding under the sofa cushions, or in an old pair of jeans? That feeling of unexpected and glorious elation!

Well similarly to practising compassion, practising patience, or practising confidence, we can actually exercise ourselves in the feelings of elation and joy too.

And like practising almost anything, we get better at it!

Try celebrating the next otherwise insignificant event — like sending an email, or appreciating at the meal you’re about to eat.  And be prepared to work hard too, out of the comfort zone, to truly exercise your current emotional disposition to become stronger in these “positive” emotions.  

The end goal is absolutely not some permanent joy, not at all, it is only to add weight to the uplifting side of the scales of well-being, to rebalance our inherited negatively biased brain circuitry so we can better enjoy the magical moments of our brief lives in these bodies.

There’s always something to feel good about if you practise opening your eyes properly!

Another little thing…

I’ve written a slightly more detailed explanation of how to increase your awareness of these numerous potential “victory triggers”, that’s in the Looking in and Seeing Out article, and you can learn How to Avoid Drowning in Stress too if you feel the scales of emotional disposition are being weighed down on the stressful side. 

Looking in and Seeing out

How to Avoid Drowning in Stress

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