On The Road Of Happiness!

Things are moving fast behind the scenes of A Good Way To Think and our next book is already well into production!

If you want to be a bigger part of this happiness sharing journey you can help get this book to publication by pre-ordering it via our Go Fund Me page, with plenty more details behind: 

On The Road Of Happiness – A guidebook to aligning our lives with our passions and enjoying the journey!


More Information:

I knew happiness was my passion when I realised that being happy for 12 years in a row was unusual. I quit my 9-5 job in aerospace to realign my life to allow my full time focus on encouraging and supporting other people to unlock and build deeper happiness within themselves!

I started a happiness coaching organisation: agoodwaytothink.com and am working hard to share the benefits of happiness with as many people as possible.

I passionately believe that every one deserves to understand how we can align our lives with our passions, and fully embrace living with happiness. These are two recurring themes from my happiness coaching and there is still very little guidance on how to go through that change process and realign to living happily. People deserve the choice to live however they choose, and with your help, we can provide an option.

I am fundraising to publish this guidebook of two halves, including my personal journey from a vacant depression through 2002-03, to a life changing wake up, a spark of illumination, that ignited my passion for living happily, and exactly how I aligned my life to living with happiness for the subsequent decade and counting! It will also cover the many lessons learnt from my journey and research into happiness and life optimisation like how to uncover your passion, how to make big decisions, like safely and happily quitting the rat-race, how to hold on to and maintain our happiness throughout the journey and how we can all align our lives to following our dreams.

The book is not-for-profit so to ensure it’s available to as many people as possible it’ll retail at the printing cost price.



The final draft should be 40 – 50,000 words or roughly 140 – 180 pages – the first draft is almost done, but being my first publication, I’m allowing plenty of time for editing, proofing and final publishing, hence an estimated delivery of Summer 2016.


Cost Breakdown

I’m self-funding as much as I can but I think I’m looking at rough costs of:

£2500: Publishing costs (Proofing, Editing, Printing etc)

£500: Marketing, Reward P&P, Cover art etc.

Any over-funding would go on increasing availability (reducing purchase price, better publicity and increased quality of the print).  200% funding would enable a second book to be published currently titled “A Comprehensive Guide To Logical Happiness”, incorporating the articles and research from agoodwaytothink.com, and the proven methods to help unlock happiness.

I sincerely hope you’ll help us offer happiness with the world, either way I appreciate your time,

Thanks and I wish you a very happy life.


Reward Options

PDF copy of the book


PDF and E-book
Your name mentioned in the credits
Personalised thank you email 


A first print run paperback copy and E-book
Your name mentioned in the credits
A personalised “Thank-You” Polaroid photo
Additional copies available for every extra £9 you pledge


All Above + A signed copy of the book posted globally with personal thank you message delivered prior to the story being available to the public.


Above + Limited edition hardback with a personal thank you message delivered prior to book being available to the public.

Skype call to discuss the book and the journey


All Above + Review pre-released drafts before anyone else
Up to 5 x 1 hr Skype calls to discuss the book, and advice on your the journey to align your life with your passion