May you be happy


Read the short sentences below…

May I be well in body and mind.
May I remember I am loved.
May I remember I am filled with love to share.
May I be safe from inner and outer dangers.
ay I be at ease, be peaceful, be happy.

If you didn’t read them slowly enough the first time – read them again, with intention in each word.

Awesome! You’ve basically done a very light “Loving-Kindness” meditation! Congratulations!

The is an extract from this loving-kindness meditation, and this kind of exercise has been linked with a huge range of wonderful benefits, from:

         1.  Increased feelings of social connection and positivity towards strangers
         2.  Increases Positive Emotions (Enjoying each moment of this life more!)
         3. Quietening Your Inner Critic
         4. Strengthens your Capacity for Empathy
         5. Decreases Migraines
         6. Increases Compassion (which has been repeatedly linked with improved physical and mental health, and relationships)
         7. Reduces Cellular Ageing (By decreasing telomere degredation)

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Serving at another Vipassana course last month, I reinvigorated my appreciation for Loving-Kindness meditation and can honestly say I sincerely wish happiness to every reader of this blog and all you may meet and know!  If you would like to help your loved ones feel happier too, please consider buying them a (potentially anonymous) gift certificate for one of our training programs this Christmas.

With love and gratitude,


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