Make the good habit last

80% of new years resolutions typically fail by February!

Very often, the new habit or new resolution stops entirely after a simple and often unavoidable hiccup, an innocent mistake, a one-off change of plans that broke the resolution one day, that leads to it never being restarted again. 

A good way to disconnect long-term failure from a short-term micro-failure (which isn’t even a failure) is using an “If __, then __” statement.

“If I don’t go to the gym today then I’ll go for a run at home” 

“If I don’t eat my target fruit and veggies today then I’ll make a smoothie for breakfast.”

“If I don’t meditate in the morning then I’ll set an earlier alarm and meditate twice as long tomorrow.”

The “If __  then __” statement works best written down and made visible.

Good Luck!

This post is inspired by feedback from last week’s “Habit New Year” post.

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