Imagination Enhancing Mind Games

We all to often neglect our natural tendencies for inquisitiveness, creativity and imagination. Retaining a powerful imagination has been repeatedly linked with benefits ranging from increased creativity, problem solving and IQ, to improved capacity for sympathy, relationship building and happiness.

Rebuilding your imagination can be energizing in the short term as well as rewarding in the long term so whether you feel low on energy, if you’re a bit bored or perhaps just simply want to be in a better mood, these imagination enhancing mind games can be used to motivate, energise or simply entertain whenever you feel like it.

These games may be more effective on a clean mind so consider applying some Mind Cleaning Techniques beforehand. Most importantly however – Don’t be shy with your imagination! Have some fun!

Consider This

Look at anything in detail and try and see the life of the molecules in it. Where has the plastic in the lid of a bottle of water come from? What river was the water bottled from, what’s the view from the river? Where was the water before the spring? In a cloud?

Bouncing Ball of Happiness

There is an entity inside of you that is full of energy. A nugget of pure concentrated happiness. It can move around internally either fast or at the pace of the ball in “Pong”. Every time it bounces off the internal surface of your skin it makes that area alive and buzzing with energy and happiness, soon enough it has bounced on so many places your whole skin feels alive with Chi. Be careful if it bounces up past your neck into your head though!

Feed Your Imagination

More of a general rule, create some time in your life to just imagine things! As children we see the world through wide non-judgemental eyes, this open perspective is extremely beneficial in adulthood. Allowing a healthy imagination to survive can help us to understand alternative perspectives, consider innovative solutions to problems and open our minds to emotional truths that life can cloud.

The “Chi” Generator

An idea to directly energise us to the core, imagine a machine attached to you somewhere, perhaps on the torso. Once it is imagined in detail, it is permanent and can be switched on at any point in to generate powerful “Chi” energy. It cycles through normal air and extracts and concentrates the energy in it, this is then pumped directly into the body to illuminate and excite as it cycles and delivers. The energy can be warm chi if you are cold, glowing excitement when you can feel a charge in the air, it can be an infectious motivational and lifting energy when you’re running on vapours. The machine can be used whenever it is remembered, to release happiness, confidence or any other realistic energy.

Pendulum Balls

Attached to every joint, and most major bones, is a chi pendulum – for me it is a line of string with a shiny silver sphere at the end. It is an unbreakable connection between the sphere and the connection to your body. This is usually a heavy ball bearing and when you are lying down the pull of these balls on the cords attached to your body can comfortably pull you deep into the seat/bed…Even lying on a hard surface, the spheres can pull you into the surface and the floor will soften and cushion the body. If you need energy to get up, start the balls swinging, slowly at first, then as swing forwards, using their pull and their momentum, the spheres can pull you up out of your seat. You can start off just lifting an arm or a leg.  If this doesn’t work, imagine a strong magnet in front of you that when turned on pulls all the balls towards it with enough strength that your bones and joints are all pulled up out of the seat at the same time.

Air Energy

The air you breath and the air around your body is filled with high concentration Chi energy – maybe you’re standing under a waterfall of it, or it’s swirling around in the air. As you breath in the energy is pumped around your body, it’s absorbed through the skin, it lifts the clothes over the skin; deeper breaths fill you with even more positive energy.

The Most Sensitive Fingers in the World

Another mindfulness enhanced experience, focus all attention to the sensations of the fingers and fingertips and give them something nice to feel such as writing on banana skins, snapping chalk or spaghetti, ripping petals, slowly moving a pen over a page of handwriting or scribbles etc. Focus, observe and allow the fingers to explore.

Atomic Body Massage

In every atom in the body, subatomic particles are vibrating at many trillions of times per second, some will be in synchrony with one another so focus on the vibrations and align all the atoms and cells to vibrate in unison. The vibrations can be energising or relaxing depending on preference.

David is a Mindset Trainer and Coach specialising in habituating scientifically proven exercises as natural daily routines.  He is the founder of A Good Way To Think, and provides habit-forming coaching via our partner platform: Coach.Me