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The Pessimistic P’s are the three central traits that we can label situations with. Applied pessimistically, and we can feel hopeless, useless, and worthless. Considering their antidotes can turn that pessimistic outlook into a more hopeful and motivating optimistic mindset. The Pessimistic P’s classify a situation in terms of it’s: […]

An Antidote For Pessimism

Hi! Have you ever heard that voice in your head asking you things like“What will happen if this happens next week?”,  or “What if I had made a different decision last month?” “What if this…” and “What if that…” can get exhausting, and these “What IF’s” don’t exactly help us enjoy […]

Why change a “What IF” into a “What IS”?

Hi there! Happy Monday! Today is March 20th - the UN’s official International Day of Happiness! Today I want to go through today’s Happy Idea together with you! I call it “Examine the Causes of Happiness” and it is used in both Positive Psychology as well as Buddhist philosophy and meditation. […]

Where does Happiness come from?

“I should do this…” “I should be that…” How often have “Should” thoughts got you feeling guilty and stressed about something? These kinds of thoughts don’t help us progress toward greater happiness. Self-critical “Should” based thoughts are inherently negatively framed, usually triggering an equal and opposite emotional resistance to the […]

Could, not Should

The Christian faith celebrates the start of Lent on Wednesday, so why do they, and every major religion on the planet, also recommend short periods of deprivation, such as fasting?  to help us feel even happier than before! To find out why, and how it can help us feel even […]

How Fasting Can Make Us Happier

Hi! There’s an amazing way we can transform hurtful comments into feelings of love, empathy and happiness. Today we’re sharing a two-phase exercise to equip you to turn insults we may receive, or frustration or hurt feelings, into peaceful contentment. Below the exercises, is an explanation of the mindset to give context […]

An antidote for hurt feelings and frustration

At the end of a typical day, how often does the question, “How was your day?” lead to some inadvertent complaining? Our daily lives are filled with conversations, which form the bedrocks of most relationships. So having more positively framed conversations, creates a more positive atmosphere, and more upbeat and […]

Asking Happier Questions

How do we shift from negative thoughts and expressions, which poison the mind with pessimism and feed any number of negative emotions, into positive thoughts and expressions, which do the opposite? Answer: The “But [Positive]” Technique: When you notice you’ve said or heard a negatively phrased statement, like a complaint […]

The “But, [Positive]” Technique

As an early Christmas gift, we’d like to share with you an exercise to strengthen the mind’s faculty of optimism (a trait both learnable and trainable) and simultaneously habituate these more positive thought habit patterns. We developed the “Positive Retrospective Interpretation” exercise to teach the subconscious how to be open to the […]

Positive Retrospective Interpretation

Hi! We’re delighted to announce the Second Edition of our Happier Mindset Training Manual – 100 Steps Happier – out today, also now available on eBook, here. Keep watching for today’s Happy Idea on motivating mindset shifts, turning low energy “I have to do this” thoughts into higher energy “I […]

You Don’t Have To, You Get To (Be Happy)!

Hi! Find out how low-intensity winter sunlight does not enable vitamin D synthesis, a process vital for our well-being and the production of serotonin (the neurotransmitter active in happy thoughts), and what alternative ways you can still thrive this winter! Click on the image below or this link to watch! […]

Why you need Vitamin D this winter

Hi! Here’s how to use the beauty of autumn to remember that everything is impermanent, which is exactly what we need to feel happy and grateful in this present moment!! Click on the image below or this link to watch! A Good Way To Think is a happiness growing community […]

How Autumn leaves can make you more grateful and happier!

Watch this video to see why every major religion recommends short periods of deprivation, such as fasting, to help us feel even happier than before! Click on the image below or this link to watch! A Good Way To Think is a happiness growing community using practical exercises and proven methods […]

Why Fasting Makes You Happier

A friend of mine has worked at a homeless shelter for many years. After listening often to people complaining about small problems like the weather, she and the team started to redirect this negativity by asking people a simple question: “Where’s the gift?” Suddenly the users of the shelter were encouraging […]

Where is the gift?

the power of “Yet”! “Yet” is one of the most powerful tools in the motivation toolbox. By looking at progress towards our objectives or resolutions in terms of those things we’ve already achieved and the things that just haven’t been achieved yet, success towards anything becomes inevitable. Nothing is a failure, it […]

The power of “Yet

How can we keep operating at our optimal happiest capacity during more emotionally turbulent times?   A day may come when it feels like your wonderful world has fallen apart. Maybe there’s anger or stress or worry, or anything else that fundamentally cannot coexist with joy, enthusiasm, focus, inspiration, contentment and […]

A magic trick for happiness

How can you use your working and living environments to positively influence how you act and feel? Cluttered environments are extremely effective at raising stress hormone levels, as our minds are over-stimulated by disordered thought triggers. Stress increasing clutter might be an overflowing “to be sorted” paperwork or unfinished projects, […]

Clear environment, clear mind

Do you want more money or do you want more freedom? Freedom is as highly prized today as it was 2000 years ago when Epictetus wrote “Freedom is secured not by the fulfilling of men’s desires, but by the removal of desire.” Socioeconomic freedom only really provides the potential for […]

More money or more freedom? (or something else?)

Have you ever found yourself with so many thoughts buzzing around your mind that the idea of enjoying peaceful, contented happiness was as tantalising, yet impossibly out of reach, as a Golden Snitch? There are ways to allow these kinds of mental obstacles to untangle themselves and to put them into perspective. Ways to take a step back to see the […]

Let the Thoughts Rain out

How many happy thoughts do you have every day? The average human mind is estimated to have between fifty and one hundred thousand thoughts per day, and studies have suggested that as many as 40% can be “negative”, such as fears, worries or stress etc. Instead of trying to suppress these thoughts, […]

40,000 happy thoughts a day?

When you see “You are here” signs throughout the exciting days ahead, take a moment to consider what that really means. What a tremendous accomplishment of life. A Good Way To Think is a happiness growing community using practical exercises and proven methods to empower you and your world live even happier.  Passing […]

You are here…

Periods of “deprivation” are recommended by almost all happiness experts to heighten and deepen the sensations of appreciation and gratitude upon return of the deprived thing. All major religions also recognise the benefits of temporary deprivation and annually encourage periods of deprivation, such as Lent (Christianity), Ramadan (Islam), Yom Kippur […]

Periods of Deprivation

Our exciting new happiness enhancing guidebook – 100 Steps Happier – goes on sale today! CLICK HERE TO ORDER A COPY, and get an extra 10% off with discount code: DISCOUNT10 I’m so pleased to share this exciting new book with you. It’s been many months of development, deconstructing the elements of our lives that most […]

100 Steps Happier – Out Today!

Seeing is not always required for believing. When we set out on almost any journey, the journey to work or even to get something from the fridge, we believe we will get there before we see the final destination. As long as we keep on taking actions that progress us […]

Becoming an Optimist

It is us that make our decisions. And it is our decisions that make us. Nobody else can control our decisions, they’re entirely ours to make. We are gifted with these miraculous minds, with the uninterrupted authority to think independent thoughts make independent decisions, and choose how positively and gratefully we interpret the world around […]

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Scientists estimate if we cured cancer tomorrow, we would add between 3 – 4 years on average life expectancies for men and women in the developed world. Research from Yale university studying death rates and life expectancy, identified a repeatable extension of average life expectancy of around 7.5 years for […]

Let’s fight cancer with a smile :-)

It’s not happiness that makes us thankful, but thankfulness that makes us happy. Grateful thoughts create happy feelings. That’s why developing habits and capacity for gratitude is at the very core of almost all happiness increasing approaches. And this trick can help you achieve exactly that! Try to consciously start at […]

Happy Idea 179

Positive social connections are a cornerstone of happiness and health. A conversation with a friend can have a lasting positive effect, increasing your energy and cultivating greater motivation for action. In fact, simply belonging to a social group and having some degree of emotional connection with another person has been […]

Happy Idea 178

Today’s Happy Idea is simple – Allow yourself to feel great today by getting in touch with an uplifting friend! We get a huge boost from connecting with other people, especially if they are emotionally meaningful to us such as old friends, and also if they are positive and uplifting […]

Happy Idea 177

Here’s a challenge that is proven to help people feel happier! Today, challenge yourself to “Communicate the Positives!” The rules are simple: If you experience a positive, uplifting, happy, or loving thought, you must tell someone about it! If you have a nice conversation, or delightful encounter with someone, you must tell […]

Happy Idea 176

What is it that you truly, genuinely desire? If we are afraid of going after what we really want, because we don’t want to be disappointed if we don’t get it, then it stands to say we simply cannot and will not ever obtain that desire… …Unless our thinking changes. By […]

Happy Idea 175

Spiralling thoughts and stressful rumination? Try some of these Mind Cleaning Techniques to stop those negative thoughts buzzing and fuzzing your judgement, and regain control of the tranquillity of your mind. You may be amazed how nice it is to be able to think for a moment! Send me a […]

Happy Idea 174

If you’re ever questioning what you’re doing with your life, (and it’s a very good question to ask every now and then) just remember that EVERYONE is improvising! It’s impossible for anyone to ever know which are ultimately the best decisions, so everyone just figures it out as they go […]

Happy Idea 173

Do negative thoughts keep popping into your head? Next time that happens, or if something “bad” seems to happened to you, take a second to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings that exist. Instead of trying to suppress any strong feelings about it, try to acknowledge them, and then not allow the […]

Happy Idea 172

Intuition. A hunch. Gut instinct… Whatever you call it, it usually gives very good advice to your true values at heart. The more we practice following this intuition, these hunches, listening to gut feelings, the more aware we become of the subtle messages our body or subconscious mind are suggesting, and […]

Happy Idea 171

Here’s some great happiness news in the battle against Seasonal Affective Disorder. The first super effective prevention is actively trying to get more natural Vitamin D produced in the skin from daylight – so be a sunflower to the sky whenever you can. Unfortunately between November to early March, everywhere further north […]

Happy Idea 170

Busy modern lives often get us running on mentally distant, relatively unobservant “autopilot mode”. One great way to train yourself to snap out of this “default mode”, is to set a couple of reminders on your phone to buzz at random points in the day, to remind you to “Pause […]

Happy Idea 169

Have you ever noticed yourself thinking “it would be lovely if someone did x,y,z for me…“? Well the chances are that other people feel the same way too.   And you could be that “someone!” Imagine that other person feeling delighted from your acts loving kindness… their glee and gratitude at […]

Happy Idea 168

Who’s been great to you recently? Hold on a second and actually think of your answer! What might they have been thinking when they were being great? How do you feel about that person? The questions we ask ourselves can make a huge a difference in how we think and […]

Happy Idea 167

Winter can often make us feel low on energy, so here’s some good news! It has been shown that when people move faster and more energetically, their metabolism speeds up. Furthermore, the way we act influences the way we feel, meaning that when we pretend to have lots of energy, makes […]

Happy Idea 166

Happiness is the combined experience of moment to moment joy, contentment, and positive well-being, with a longer term sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile. The moment to moment bits are processed mostly in the right half of the brain, the “Right Here Right now Right Hemisphere”, and it’s usually […]

Happy Idea 165

What were you doing when you last felt great? Was it seeing a friend, doing a hobby like reading a book or getting out in nature, or some other activity that brings you a sense of joy? Check your calendar or diary today and see if you give yourself enough time […]

Happy Idea 164

Conscious breathing is the most commonly practised stress reduction technique and has been recognised for thousands of years as an effective way to calm the mind and allow healthier and more uplifting thoughts to arise. To practise conscious breathing, try to focus your attention on the sensations of the flow of air passing every […]

Happy Idea 163

Happiness involves feeling alive! Pour your heart into some wild adventure, from running in the rain purely for the sake of getting wet, to standing upon a mountain, allow yourself to feel vulnerable to judgement. Whatever you do to feel alive will bring a powerful happiness boost. When we feel […]

Happy Idea 162