Why change a “What IF” into a “What IS”?


Have you ever heard that voice in your head asking you things like“What will happen if this happens next week?”,  or “What if I had made a different decision last month?

“What if this…” and “What if that…” can get exhausting, and these “What IF’s” don’t exactly help us enjoy the present moment with peace of mind, with optimism and love and gratitude!

One solution?

Once you notice any of these “What IF” thoughts or worries, see what happens to them if you convert it into a “What IS” thought.

What IS the reality of this situation? What IS known right now? What IS an option for me at the moment?

Changing one letter can turn rumination and worry into a moment of mindfulness. Bringing spiralling thoughts back with a quick reality check. This can have a real impact on reducing stress and anxiety hormones while increasing the control over our emotional well-being. 

See what happens today when you swap the what if’s with what IS.

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p.s. I’ve been reading The Tao of Winnie-the-Pooh, and this post really reflects the different ways of thinking of Piglet and Pooh (hence the image). Piglet hesitates, Pooh simply IS.

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