Happy Idea 172

Do negative thoughts keep popping into your head?

Next time that happens, or if something “bad” seems to happened to you, take a second to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings that exist.

Instead of trying to suppress any strong feelings about it, try to acknowledge them, and then not allow the thought any further attention.

Instead of thinking about how you should have acted differently, and instead of repeating the story to others for sympathy or attention, try to allow it to slip out of your mind, perhaps distracting the thoughts with something positive.

You can think of anything else!  Childhood memories, how does your left knee feels right now, what was the last lovely thing someone did for you?

Any positive thought will help starve the negativity of fuel and it will soon fade out completely.

This incrementally helps rewire the synapses in our natural “Negative-bias” to develop greater capacity for a self-cultivated neutral or “Positive-bias”, through neuroplastic effects linked with positive hormone and endorphin releases triggered by happier thoughts.

All those interruptions, complications, undesirables and inconveniences, things just happen, they either happen to you or they happen for you.


Which fire will you feed?


P.S. This is an exercise. Some causes of negative thoughts may be good indicators of opportunities for improvement or change in your life. Accepting thoughts includes accepting the responsibility to take action.

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