Happy Idea 170

Here’s some great happiness news in the battle against Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The first super effective prevention is actively trying to get more natural Vitamin D produced in the skin from daylight – so be a sunflower to the sky whenever you can.
Unfortunately between November to early March, everywhere further north than 40 degrees (Madrid, New York, Beijing) receives insufficient UVB radiation for our skin to synthesise Vitamin D.

Instead we get by on on reserves stored in the body from sunnier summer months, and a healthy diet…. Natural sources of Vitamin D include fish oils, egg yolk, tofu, fortified cereals, and dairy/dairy alternatives, but there’s more than Vitamin D in the happiness equation.

There’s much more goodness from sunlight than just the potential for Vitamin D! UVA radiation from sunlight activates the release of nitrogen oxide which relaxes the arteries and reduces blood pressure and the risks of heart disease, while reducing damaging stress hormones, regulating sleep, and releasing positive endorphins such as serotonin!

And if it’s cloudy or you live in a cave, there’s lots more you can do here!

More sun-loving information here:

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