Happy Idea 146

Contrary to popular belief, neither female nor male brains can perform complex multitasking.

Instead the brain switches its focus from one activity to another, involving around 0.2 seconds between the activities where it is focussing on neither.

During this transition phase the brain releases a small hit of dopamine, which is part of the reward system and is often why we find starting new tasks, new projects, and distractions and procrastinations so much more appealing than focussing on a single task to completion. 

Unfortunately this dopamine hit, whilst mildly pleasurable, can be detrimental to our longer term goals, our ability to focus, and our ability to regulate thoughts healthily. 

As with everything in the mind – there are things we can do to help it think better! 

In this case, practising exercises like mindfulness can give back your ability to focus and even increase productivity and creativity.

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