Happy Idea 138

When you next notice a positive thought or a moment of joy or gratitude or happiness, see what happens when you follow this two step “Explore and Communicate” exercise:

Step 1: Explore – After noticing this good moment, bring all your attention to the positive aspects of it, marvel and admire how wonderful it is to exist. Really delve into the positive moment.

Step 2: Communicate – If you’ve seen something beautiful, show someone, if you feel uncharacteristically “upbeat”, tell someone! If a good deed was done to you, let at least one other person know about the mini-miracle.

Why? Not only is it great practise identifying moments of positive thoughts but revisiting the positive moment doubles it’s benefits, it becomes a significantly more prominent memory and the relationship with the person you communicated with will also be positively influenced (thanks to “spontaneous trait transference”).

So try it out and see how it goes!

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