Happy Idea 137

A great way to motivate you to achieving a desired change is to replace the concept of “Goals” with one of “Resolutions”.

You hit a goal, but you keep a resolution.

Too difficult goals become discouraging, too easy and we never try, even when a good goal is completed it immediately becomes redundant.

With resolutions, every day is an opportunity to succeed, we don’t get discouraged
when they’re challenging.

Keeping resolutions has also been shown to be significantly more effective when coupled with visually tracking performance to the resolution, such as a resolution chart.

This helps nurture a motivating atmosphere of growth.

Don’t be afraid of getting specific with resolutions, target an area of big potential improvement and instead of a mental note to “Go to bed on time” track your performance to a pledge “I will have all lights out by 10:00 pm, five nights per week!”

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