Happy Idea 129

Want to experience things more?

Then try out this exercise…

Find a big felt tip pen lid and try and really experienced clicking it!

Feel the sound of the “click” being born, bouncing through the atoms of the air and how it travels into your ear.

Consider the journey the pen has made, across the world.

From where the oil was extracted, cracked for fuels and processed into plastic, then coloured and moulded.

Or the metal components, mined in tropical lands and formed into tiny components.

Feel the pressure changes through your thumb.

The designers that drew up the dimensions and created the design.

Mindfulness might not sound immediately productive, but training the mind to be more “mindful”, gives greater creativity, productivity, reduced stress, and significantly more control of the thoughts to allow us to adopt healthy philosophies, redirect any train of thought, and better regulate our emotions.

Why not pass on this little Hi to someone that might also like to start their day on a Hi note!

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