Happy Idea 128

When things are given a purpose, they become optimised for that purpose. 

Saving money for a clear purpose will be more successful than saving money for “just in case”.

If you dedicate a schedule to your day it’s more likely the to do list will be done, or at least started!

Living without reason can be confusing, unproductive and unrewarding, so on the bigger scale of life, if your reasons for living are inherently wholesome, loving and compassionate, the whole universe will conspire to help you.

Whether it’s a god or a higher spirit, (or just human nature that people like to help others on their right path and because a positive attitude is more productive and effective), when you dedicate reason to your resources, your time, your money, your energy, will all align to achieving that goal.

So choose the goal wisely, and if you’d like any help along the journey, please get in touch!

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