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How do you train your mind to be more positive?

Well, just like learning to play a musical instrument or lose weight, positivity comes with practise!

One great exercise to help train a more positive mind, is re-considering the positive impact from past events.

This positive mindset exercise involves contemplating a past event that may have felt like an inconvenience or setback, and finding positive outcomes.

At first it really is an exercise!

Consider what was learned, how you grew and developed, what unique subsequent experiences were only made possible from this original event. An opportunity to upgrade or improve?

With practice we can re-consider events that were increasingly recent, until we can automatically find the good in things (that may have previously felt negative) occurring in this present moment.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Idea 127

    • David Burvill Post author

      Hi James! I’m glad you like it!
      I really appreciate your feedback 🙂
      I’ve been researching, consolidating and preparing a load more ideas today so there’s lots more stacked up ready to go out over the coming weeks!
      If you can help spread happiness to your network by sharing, forwarding, reposting, or whatever else then all the better!
      Best of luck with your ever increasing happiness and if there’s anything more I can do, please let me know!