Who are you?

Did you know that broadening your self-definition not only makes you more likely to be happy, it also makes you MUCH more likely to not become unhappy!


Researchers have shown that people that draw a sense of self identity from multiple sources, such as having diverse hobbies, or feel that they are part of several meaningful communities, are far better socially prepared to face identity traumas such as losing a job, losing a loved one, or losing the ability to do anything that gives them a sense of self, without also losing their overall sense of personal identity.

The more hobbies, interests and social circles we curate, the less vulnerable or exposed we become when components of our lives inevitably change.

Even that process of adding additional strings to our bow (such as learning a new language, a skill or joining a new community) provides happiness right from the offset as we are fuelled by the feeling of self-development and growth.

We are all more than just “[insert your job title here]”.

We can remain whole, whole human beings, even when those impermanent things change.

Here’s to your Happiness 🙂

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