Where does Happiness come from?

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Happy Monday! Today is March 20th - the UN’s official International Day of Happiness!

Today I want to go through today’s Happy Idea together with you!

I call it “Examine the Causes of Happiness” and it is used in both Positive Psychology as well as Buddhist philosophy and meditation.

The objective: Take a quiet moment alone to try to find out what really makes you happy.

You just sit and consider that question. Try and come up with as many things as possible.

  • If your family is a source of happiness, what is it about them? The way they act?  The way you feel about the way they act?
  • Is it more than this?
  • What other sources are there?
  • Is your happiness derived mainly from outer circumstances?
  • How much of it is due to your state of mind and the way you experience the world?
  • If happiness comes from outer circumstances, check how stable or fragile they are. If it is due to a state of mind, consider how you can further cultivate it. 

To reiterate: If a significant amount of your happiness comes from outer circumstances, check how stable or fragile they are. If a significant amount is due to a state of mind, consider how you can further cultivate it. 

When I contemplate these questions, I have a lot of different answers, and they tend to boil down to a few themes:

  1. I become aware of things,
  2. which I consider to be positively impactful, and
  3. I feel a tremendous gratitude towards them.  

This appears to be the basic mechanism of all happiness, which is described in detail in the book I published last year.

I also noticed that by doing so, by creating something that is meaningful to me, my life has a great sense of meaning and purpose. This sense of meaningful contribution, combined with the loving connectedness I feel from friends, family and all life, is the source of nearly all the answers to the earlier question of where does happiness come from?

This process is described in detail in my BOOK, and is the foundation to the mindset training and happiness coaching I run through A Good Way To Think. Giving people so many answers to those questions they run out of paper to write on! 

Since the last International day of Happiness, 2016, I’ve published a book that I believe in, planted over a hundred trees, worked on four food gardens across Canada and France, shared happiness increasing exercises with over 2500 fellow humans (working one to one with over 30 of you), while living as a digital nomad, with a net zero carbon footprint.

It’s not only a human right to be happy, today and every other day; it’s our duty.

A Good Way To Think is a happier mindset training community using practical exercises and proven methods like this Happy Idea to empower you and your world live even happier.  Passing on this little “Hi” is a great way to share our mission of making the world an even happier place, one thought at a time thanks for being a part of the community!

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