What is your story?

What story do the life-narrating thoughts in your head tell?  

Our unassuming little super-brains behind our eyes quietly take the seemingly random, seemingly unrelated events of our every-day lives and catalyse it all into a powerful and influential story that dictates our mood, feelings, and beliefs.

Some peoples minds create a dramatic story, other people tell themselves their story is one of self-actualisation, growth and love. And sometimes our minds might want to tell us a catastrophic tragedy, that every event of the day was somehow orchestrated to make our lives difficult. A story of struggle and failure. Intentional disruption. Whatever the story is that you tell about yourself, and however far along the story you are, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re passive in it.

Our lives don’t need to be passively listening to the audio-book of our minds analyses, we’re not the obediently directed characters,  you are writing your story with every conscious moment of your life, and it is your mind that spins the tale.

It might require some practise and positivity training like we offer here at A Good Way To Think, to turn the mind into a positivity machine, but the first step is remembering that the pen is already in your hand, it’s your perspective that changes the world, why not write yourself a great day!

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