The power of “Yet

the power of “Yet”!

“Yet” is one of the most powerful tools in the motivation toolbox. By looking at progress towards our objectives or resolutions in terms of those things we’ve already achieved and the things that just haven’t been achieved yet, success towards anything becomes inevitable.

Nothing is a failure, it just might not be a success yet. 

The “yet” perspective offers the opportunity to observe one’s own improvement without fear of failure.

Think about one meaningful thing that you’d like to achieve but you’ve just not had the time, the opportunity, the drive, (the limiting belief) to achieve it.

Now remind yourself of this goal or hope, and be clear that it hasn’t been achieved YET.

Just, not yet…

Focus on the process, not the result.  Praise the process, the efforts and the learning developments, and remove focus from the “right or wrong” answer. There’s no failure with a “yet” attitude. 

With action, working patiently and diligently, you are bound to be successful.

Whatever your hope or dream is.

You are bound to be successful.


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