The intricacies of the world

We can only know our own experience, so the more we are able to fully feel it, to be fully aware of our experiences, the richer they become.  

Mindfulness is a fantastic tool to increase your internal focus and equip you to draw greater happiness from positive experiences. 

A quick mindfulness exercise is to take a minute to appreciate the details of the world around us. There’s so much beauty when you look through the right eyes, so take a moment to imagine you are a child, non-judgmentally admiring the intricacies of something near to you right now. 

Look small, look large, the cells in the grain of wood, the life giving magic of sunlight, does it have texture, rigidity, warmth or conductivity, what other properties? Is it impermanent? If it may be a transient or temporary thing, better to be grateful of it’s existence while it is there to be appreciated.

Only you will ever live your life and only you will experience it. It becomes ever more rich and enjoyable through a more aware and appreciative perspective.

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