The “But, [Positive]” Technique

How do we shift from negative thoughts and expressions, which poison the mind with pessimism and feed any number of negative emotions, into positive thoughts and expressions, which do the opposite?

Answer: The “But [Positive]” Technique:

When you notice you’ve said or heard a negatively phrased statement, like a complaint about someone or something, follow it immediately with “But…[insert positive phrase here]”.

For example, “I don’t like driving to work, but I’m thankful I can drive, and that I have a job.”

Our minds and bodies only ever change with practice and effort – Athletes aren’t born better runners than accountants, and accountants aren’t born better at accounting. What better exercise exists, than training the mind to replace cynicism and loathing with enthusiasm, optimism and gratitude?

So it’s a lot of work making yourself happier… but what tremendous rewards it gives.

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