Prioritise Happiness

If we watch enough of a sport or TV show, or get really into a hobby, it begins to occupy more and more of our daydreams, thoughts and sleeping dreams.

Similarly, working flat out on a project likely leads to thoughts of the project invading our subconscious thoughts too… The more we occupy our conscious mind with a subject, the more the subject resurfaces subconsciously. And we can use this natural trait of our minds to our advantage. 

Although daydreaming about golf is unlikely to make us physically better at it, making some time to think about happiness, (nurturing thoughts of gratitude and present-mindedness) does make a positive impact on our happiness skills. The more regularly we try to think about happiness, gratitude and what makes us happy, the more regularly happy and grateful thoughts arise.

These happier thoughts can be reminders to apply what we already know about happiness and enable us to automatically adopt happier thoughts more regularly. And so the cycle restarts. An upwards spiral.

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