Life is music

A happy life is like a piece of music. The objective of a good piece of music isn’t to rush to the end to play the final epic note, nor is it speeding through the introduction or any other part, to get to the chorus or to the end as soon as possible.

And a happy life too, shouldn’t be about rushing through school to get to college, rushing through college to get to university, and rushing through that to start a job to earn money to buy a house and a car and holidays and toys, and anticipating the glorious next step, the next promotion, the next pay rise, recognition, accomplishment, retirement, or reaching heaven.

If music was just about reaching the end it would all be made in fast forward. But we learn to savour. To appreciate as it unfolds.

You already know how to live.

We all know how to live.

Sometimes it’s just nice to hear a good piece of music to remind us how again.


music-dandelion - Edited



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