Let the Thoughts Rain out

Have you ever found yourself with so many thoughts buzzing around your mind that the idea of enjoying peaceful, contented happiness was as tantalising, yet impossibly out of reach, as a Golden Snitch?

There are ways to allow these kinds of mental obstacles to untangle themselves and to put them into perspective. Ways to take a step back to see the bigger picture.

One of the best ways is to simply put pen to paper and start writing whichever words come to mind.  There’s no editing, no spell check needed, you barely need to write legibly. Type the “brain dump” if you prefer, just allow the floodgates to open and let the words free.

Allowing the mind clouds to rain through your words like this, they will sooner or later leave behind only a clear bright blue mind.

Once the mind clouds have finished raining, take a few slow conscious breaths (use the graphic below) to bring yourself fully into the present moment. It might be nice to a short moment then to become aware of the clarity of thoughts you now have, and how that feels…

By this point your mind might be clear and objective enough to figure out something productive to do!


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