Happy Habits with NLP


A great short-cut to even more happiness comes from increasing our awareness of the unique present moment. The increased awareness means we can identify more positive and grateful thoughts, which in turn enable us to feel happy, even more regularly and intensely!  This is the fundamental process of creating happiness.

And a great way to boost that very first step — to increase awareness of the present moment — is to use the actions we perform regularly to remind us to think a certain thought.

So just like when we laugh, we become happy, because the mind associates the action with the feeling, we can make almost any routine task automatically remind us of a specific thought, such as being aware of our thoughts and feelings at this moment. This is all basically Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP), an approach that has revolutionised modern habit oriented mindset-improvements.

So we can practise associating our routine tasks with these reminders, so we eventually feel an automatic happiness boost as often as we perform the routine tasks!

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