Fun and Philanthropy Day

A day for fun and philanthropy?! 

Yes please! 

But, why is this such a good idea? Fun activities provide short term pleasurable sensations of feeling alive, triggering pleasure centres in the brain and releasing surges of happy hormones such as dopamine and cocktails of endorphins. 

Then the philanthropic part of the day provides far longer lasting positive impact on our well-being by tapping into an absolutely vital ingredient of our lives: activities that give a sense of meaningful contribution, turns pleasure into happiness. 

That’s a really important element, that is core to the “Supporting Others” building block within the Happiness Building.

What could you do? Think of two simple activities, one activity is simply for your fun, the other absolutely must be primarily to benefit someone else in some way, and must require some time and effort, though if you can keep it fun too that’s a great bonus! 

Then be generous and gift yourself half a day for the sake of your happiness, block out your calendar and resolve not to let any life admin get in the way of living!

Good luck, and thank you for prioritising happiness!

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