Doing Stuff!

The Happiness Workshop I ran yesterday at the Findhorn Foundation was life-changing.

The group entered as strangers. An hour later, they left the room buzzing, smiling, laughing and exchanging details.

How had they become so much happier?

Not by listening to me! Not by reading the worksheets, nor by simply wanting to, more than usual. 

They DID stuff!

For the first time in most of their lives, they had EXERCISED their minds in happiness increasing exercises (like this, this, this, this, this and 100 more!).

We practised seven exercises and totally transformed their short-term mood, and perhaps their longer term happiness too. 75% of the group purchased my book at the end!

Just as stretching muscle fibres seems to be the only way to increase their flexibility, and physical exercise seems like the only reliable way to strengthen a physical muscle, we can only transform the thought patterns of the mind, and intervene with the hormonal balance of the body, by doing things that result in a happier life.

As always, get in touch for more details on the things I offer.

May you succeed in everything in your happy journey.

A Good Way To Think is a personal trainer for your mindset.  We share scientifically-backed, practical exercises, developed from our Happier Mindset Training Programs, so you and our clients can enjoy even more happiness than before!

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