Clear environment, clear mind

How can you use your working and living environments to positively influence how you act and feel?

Cluttered environments are extremely effective at raising stress hormone levels, as our minds are over-stimulated by disordered thought triggers. Stress increasing clutter might be an overflowing “to be sorted” paperwork or unfinished projects, even those tucked away mystery boxes of “let’s just keep this just in case” stuff.

Here’s some things you can do to allow the outer peace and order to permeate to inner peace and calm:

1.  Don’t start with organising things

Half of it doesn’t need to be organised. Instead start with Sorting out the useful from the unneeded, and trash the rest. First step is to get rid of stuff. 

2.  Never label anything as miscellaneous

3.  Don’t accept freebies or bargains if you don’t need them

Question whether you can afford to accept the storage costs of free water-bottles, pens, or unneeded life accessories.

4.  Abandon dead projects

Even with the best intentions in the world, there are some things that we’re just not going to have the time to do or finish. The more old unfinished things still in your environments, the more reminders you have of the few things that failed and were uncompleted. We never see the completed successful projects, so don’t haunt yourself with the failed ones. Be honest with yourself: accept, abandon, clear the space, clear your conscience.

5.  Can you digitise it?

If it helps with the emotional separation, why not take a photo of the things you are binning, to make the goodbye process less painful. You can always have the digital image if you ever want to look at the stuff again. 

 Good luck!!

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