A magic trick for happiness

How can we keep operating at our optimal happiest capacity during more emotionally turbulent times?  

A day may come when it feels like your wonderful world has fallen apart. Maybe there’s anger or stress or worry, or anything else that fundamentally cannot coexist with joy, enthusiasm, focus, inspiration, contentment and zest…to feel truly happy in this moment.

It might feel like there’s nothing else you can do to than giving up and waiting for the storm to pass. It is times like this we need a little magic trick.

The magic trick requires two things: People and compassion.

When people love, they harness a magical power that can turn anger, stress and worry into clear thinking action. We have the option to become even happier, even more often, if we let other people work their magic.

But asking for emotional support can be like asking for a foot massage after a hot day in boots. It might feel like we’re asking for a lot. And besides, most people can’t get far enough away from negative unhappy individuals, so we often try not to scare them off by putting on a brave face and pretending everything is awesome. (Facebook syndrome).

However, our future suffering is inevitable, and when we face it, reaching out for support might be the only thing that stops short term emotional blips from becoming longer term personality traits.  The support of our friendly brothers and sisters has been proven time after time across academic and worldwide field studies, to enormously improve and accelerate our return to emotional well-being and happiness.

So how do we reach out and accept support?

Let the support network WANT to help us.

We can prepare our relationships for inevitable future demands by building strong personal relationships in advance of the relationship-testing phase of asking for support. We can share positive emotions like enthusiasm, compassion and gratitude with them as often as possible, with altruistic patience.

If we are mindful to not consume a single trace of their patience with petty complaints… If we try to never make others feel uncomfortable from aggressive or insulting language… If we compassionately share our moments of joy and enthusiasm whenever they naturally arise, without gloating…

Perhaps when the times of need inevitably arrive, we will not be avoided like an infectious happiness vampire, but instead seen as a valuable social partner that they have a vested personal interest in helping! 

We can finally offer our network an opportunity. An opportunity to help a friend feel even happier again. We give them the chance to perform a magic trick.

I’m pretty sure that’ll be the most rewarding thing they will do that day.

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