Hi! A Happy Idea from A Good Way To Think!

A great technique to reduce negative thinking is to practise replacing negative thoughts.

It may be harder to do than it sounds and relies on not being judgemental of the negative thought once you become aware of it.

Simply accept that the thought occurred and replace it with somethink positive. It may be easier at first to use a past or future happy thought or event, but finding positive in the now is the ultimate goal. For example:

“I slept terribly last night, I’ll be grouchy all day…ah well, my last holiday was fantastic, this weekend I get to see someone special and today I have the freedom to do X,Y,Z.”

With time and practise this will become automatic.

For other techniques and exercises to Nurture More Positive Thoughts click on that section of the Happiness Building!

Why not pass on this little Hi to someone that might also like to start their day on a Hi note!

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