Hi! A Happy Idea from A Good Way To Think!

When you feel you have a hunch to do something, act on it.

When you notice a thought of inspiration awakening your soul, feed it!

If nothing else at least write it down to revisit later.

A “to do list” or a thoughts log of inspiring ideas, just don’t let the inspirational thought be lost before it has a chance to air.

Give the idea a fair trial instead of dismissing it through fear of the unknown.

This will allow the inspiration delivery channel to open up and more ideas will begin to flow.

Intuition means, intuition — we are taught from the infinite knowledge within. It is our unerring guide that we are conditioned to ignore. It’s about time we started choosing what is right for us.

Please pass on this little Hi to anyone that may also like to start their day on a Hi note!

Find more happiness at agoodwaytothink.com!

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