Hi! A Happy Idea from A Good Way To Think!

There are a number of tricks you can play on your mind to temporarily make you feel better if you ever need a little “pick up”.

– Faking a smile for 15 seconds,

– Repeating the word “Yes” for 20 seconds,

– Laughing for a few seconds, and even

– Fist pumping into the air over some imaginary victory!

These actions regardless of the falsified origins, all release hormones and endorphins into the blood to make us genuinely feel happier!

The act of cuddling releases swathes of Oxytocin (the “love hormone” that is raised by MDMA/Ecstasy) which makes us feel trust and attachment to people or teddy bears! (Best results after +6 seconds!)

These tricks may not be the answer for deep sustainable happiness but they can certainly help break you out of a the mundane and make the next few minutes of irretrievable life a lot better

For more quick happiness fixes, head over to agoodwaytothink.com and check out the Quick Happiness Boosts article!


Please pass on this little Hi to anyone that may also like to start their day on a Hi note!

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