Happy Idea 154

How can you practise forgetting negativity?  You can practise this powerful technique whenever you perceive something “bad” has happened to you.

Firstly don’t suppress it, but don’t allow it any further attention.

If it is a genuinely significant event then of course let it out verbally if it helps to process the experience, for all the other insignificant interruptions, complications, undesirables and inconveniences, don’t give the negative fire any fuel with more thoughts.

Instead of thinking about how you should have acted differently, and instead of repeating the story for sympathy, allow it to slip out of your conscious and distract the mind with something positive.

Mental arithmetic, childhood memories, how the left knee feels right now, any positive thought will help starve the negativity of fuel and it will soon fade out completely.

Please Note: This is an exercise to reduce negative thinking, not advice to follow 24/7. We visit the gym to get results outside of the gym and we run to feel better when we’re not running. Some causes of frustration may be identifiers or motivators for you to take improving actions. The exercise really can help free you of crippling cyclical negativity.

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