Happy Idea 122

Although external stimulants like nice weather, being told you’re loved, feeling ecstatic with energy or receiving a gift, often make us feel happy, these external sources are really only half the story.

The other half comes from internally controlled happiness and works independently of those other things or people….

…which is handy, because you can’t rely on good things happening to you to maintain your happiness!

Some those good things might stop, others may become so repetitive and habitual that they lose their impact. (That’s why life has ups and downs – to keep the external good things appreciated!)

There’s a whole extra world of happiness available internally. How?

  1. Practising gratitude,
  2. Practising nurturing positive thoughts, and
  3. Truly living in this unique present moment. 

Some help with how to make the most of this infinite internal happiness is described at agoodwaytothink in the foundations of the Happiness Building, or you can get in touch for some personal guidance. 

I wish you every success with your obligation to be happy.

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