How We Habituate Happiness

Our Mindset Training Programs use targeted brain training exercises and lifestyle resolutions so you can build a genuine and sustainable happiness. The exercises are often developed from proven practices in Positive Psychology, such as daily journaling, mindfulness, and momentum coaching through personal goal attainment.

The training programs work towards excellent mental fitness, and so instead of the illness approach of counselling or therapy, we will work on developing healthy thought habit patterns to reach new levels of mental wellness, unlocking the many benefits that come with it.

What is Mental Fitness?

In physical health, medics specialise in resolving specific undesired circumstances, be that in surgery or rehabilitation. On the other end of the physical health spectrum, there are personal trainers, specialising in developing people into excellent physical health, and those clients become far less likely to face health issues in future.

In mental health there are also many well trained experts to help with complex mental illnesses – a truly vital and undervalued role in society. On the other end of the mental health spectrum, there is almost nothing. Traditional psychotherapy and psychology don’t venture beyond immediate issue resolution. However, just as with physical fitness, there are exercises that can unlock tremendous mental fitness and happiness, which enormously reduce the likeliness of future mental health issues.

A Good Way To Think’s Happier Mindset Training Programs do exactly that. Focusing on wellness, not illness, to get any individual to a mentally stronger, healthier place, to build up valuable resilience to future issues and enjoy living a happier life.

Increased happiness has been linked with significantly improved cognitive functions, from memory to creativity to productivity, better relationships, increased physical and mental health, and much much more.

Dave’s communication and scheduling are clear, his follow-up notes insightful, the content interesting and the sessions enjoyable. For me, it’s working.”     —   Greg P.   Read more testimonials here

What could a Program include?

The unique approach at A Good Way To Think is defined within a logical and scientifically grounded framework, encompassing both mindset and lifestyle choices. 

Happiness BuildingWith years of research and practical experience delivering happiness training packages worldwide, we have developed a universal model to fit all lifestyles and personality types. It is the product of extensive research in the fields of positive psychology, habit forming methods, the traits of happy people, traditional Buddhist principles, and over 13 years of self-analysed personal experience.

We use this model to identify and target the most effective growth opportunities for client happiness, and use a range of exercises, techniques, and ideas to train the mind to think more positively, more appreciatively or more mindfully, and highlight small lifestyle choices that may further increase your happiness.

David is a Mindset Trainer and Coach specialising in habituating scientifically proven exercises as natural daily routines.  He is the founder of A Good Way To Think, and provides habit-forming coaching via our partner platform: Coach.Me