The Happiness Blueprint

The Influencing Elements of Happiness


Since 2014, we have been running personalised mindset training programs from all over the world, helping clients develop the thinking habits that unlock an increasingly happier life. We combine this real world practical experience with years of research into Positive Psychology and Buddhist practices, to create a model that helps people target the exact thinking habits that help them live a much happier life. It encompasses elements of our lives defined by the way we think  the Mindset Elements  to the lifestyle choices we make, the Lifestyle Elements.

Within these two categories are many important sub-elements that influence our capacity to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. These include a more optimistic vs more pessimistic disposition, our capacity for universal compassionate, and the degree in which our time is spent on tasks that are meaningful to our personal values. 

To understand how the pieces fit together, we:

1. Recognise what is within our “Voluntary Control“.

2. Focus on building strong and balanced foundations.

3. Nurture a lifestyle that maximises happiness.

To see exactly what impacts our happiness, and find out exactly how you can influence those elements, Click on the image below:


Influencing The Elements

Understanding and balancing the building blocks in the Happiness Building helps identify which aspects of our lives can have the biggest positive impact if we improve them. Each component must exist in equilibrium to maximise our happiness. Balance is vital.

If you’ve seen the introduction to the Happiness Building model above, you’ll see this starts with the right mindset, (positive, present, grateful foundations). We build on this our support systems, the walls, the right lifestyle choices. These include identifying a sense of meaning, contribution, acting with altruism, growing compassion, nourishing relationships and a sense of community, spending time in nature and maintaining good physical and mental health.

This is where the Happiness Coaching comes in!

We’ll identify the best improvement areas and apply the most effective exercises and practises to augment that specific element of the happiness puzzle. 

Our Happiness Coaching involves a lot of personalised mindset training: effective practical techniques tailored to the individual to maximise the clients ability to sustain an even happier life than before.

Some of the exercises we use during the happiness training programs are in the happiness blueprint below.