Giving Authentic Thanks

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s handy to remember that only sincere gratitude has been linked (repeatedly) with significant increases in well-being. The secret is making the thankfulness sincere!

It’s not only that feeling happier that makes us more thankful, far more importantly, developing one’s capacity for sincere thankfulness directly makes us feel happier. 

That’s why nurturing habits which develop our capacity for gratitude is at the very core of almost all happiness increasing approaches.  Here’s a nifty exercise to try out at work today or wherever you invest your moments of life:

Try to consciously start at least 10 sentences today with “Thank you…”. 

It could be as simple as “Thank you for patiently informing me of…” or, “Thank you for allowing me to do [x,y,z]…”

Just make sure what you say is sincere. And being specific beats a generic autopilot “ok-thanks” response every time!

I hope you have a wonderful day.

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