To help grow your happiness, it is beneficial to be compassionate to all other sentient beings, especially humans.

To help overcome the (often awkward) challenges of being sincerely loving to seemingly ignorant (or apparently obnoxious) people, remember that they are only doing what they think is the right thing to do.

Chances are they’re only making such questionable decisions due to issues they are struggling with. Everyone is trying to work life out, no-one has cracked it yet, we’re all just improvising our way through the adventure of life with the loose objectives of avoiding suffering and obtaining happiness.

All of us want that, just some people don’t know how best to achieve it. It becomes easier to empathise when you see everyone is in the same boat.

The more you fill your heart with love and your mind with happiness, the more your compassion can help bring others out of their restraining ignorance.

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