Communicate the positives

Happy Monday!

I’ll be joining you with today’s exercise because it’s fun and makes you feel good! It’s a challenge to “Communicate the Positives” today…There’s just one rule, plus an optional bonus objective too:

  1. If you experience a positive, uplifting, happy, or loving thought, you must share your gratitude for it with somebody, without bragging.  For example, you just had a nice conversation or enjoyed a moment with someone – tell them or someone else how it made you feel!
  2. See if you can also avoid all negative speech too! No complaining, nagging, bitching etc. If you notice a conversation has led to a negative place, be the person to redirect it towards a more positive topic.

Try it out for a day and try to notice how it makes you feel. Is it exhausting or energising, embarrassing or empowering, isolating or connecting? 

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Good Luck!

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