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A Good Way To Think is a personal trainer for your mind. In our free weekly blog, we share scientifically-backed, practical exercises,  developed from our Mindset Training Programs, so you and our clients can enjoy even more happiness than before!

Our Values

When people are happier, our cognitive functioning improves. People become more ethical, environmentally conscious, physically and mentally healthier, more productive and creative, and build more nourishing relationships. Increasing our ability to live a more ethical and harmonious life, enables others to become happier too. Greater happiness in one person contributes towards greater happiness for all others, a contagious momentum building progression towards a happier world.

This leads us to our two value statements:

  1. Understanding Happiness is vital for everyone.

  2. Sustainable results only come from genuine happiness.

These two statements drive everything we do at A Good Way To Think. From the extensive free content to the scientific base of tried, tested and proven methods. Understanding how to positively influence our happiness is the key to unlocking every secondary and tertiary goal in humankind, from financial success to political power to leaving a meaningful positive impact on the world. Understanding Happiness is our unique and universal primary goal. The more one understands happiness, the more one will understand our Values.

David’s story


Profile 1I’m David, founder of A Good Way To Think (yup, that’s me there) and my life is pretty unusual! I LOVE that I get to spend my creative output trying to bring even more happiness into the world. But, I’ve not always been this happy. I’ve spent some time feeling no trace of joy at all…
The short story starts with a Masters in Engineering degree landing me a good Management Development Program within the biggest industrial company in the world. I did well and moved into Operations Management Consulting. During the very final interview for a position with McKinsey, I asked the interviewer, “How happy are you?”

People had, by this point, been regularly calling me the happiest person they had ever met. After realising it’s not just a standard thing people say, I realised my passion for understanding the mechanics of happiness had had some effect on my predisposition! I also realised that instead of taking that job, that I had the opportunity to transform my life and live in perfect alignment to sharing that passion with the world…

I had learned a couple of interesting things from those previous years in operations management, as i had specialised in process improvements in teams. Firstly, the greatest improvements to complex systems like jet engines or cockpit displays were obtained through empowering the human elements involved, not by throwing cash at the processes.  Secondly, that when people become enthused, motivated, engaged and given meaning, they become even happier, and so become better in almost every other facet of their lives too.

If it’s possible to make factory employees happier, and subsequently meet my boss’s goals of increasing productivity, then perhaps I could also help people outside aerospace manufacturing too?

So if happiness was the key to performing “better” across all areas of life, why wasn’t I doing everything I could about it?!

My New Years Resolution following that pivotal interview, (January 1st 2014), was a big one.  If there was a way I could positively impact the happiness of others, I resolved to find it!

I collated years of notes and research from my decade-long interest in happiness, made some big personal and professional decisions, and started aligning my life and my actions I took, with these values of sharing happiness.

I travelled through South Asia for 7 months, studying Buddhism, meditation, and learning what I could from Asian cultures.

By the 2015 New Years resolution, I was running this happiness training and coaching organisation.

I’ve been a living/working digital nomad since March 2014, and haven’t stopped travelling yet! In the summer of that first year on the road, in Nepal, I stopped consuming alcohol, stopped wrong speech (ie lying), started a vegetarian diet, and I started meditating every day. These habits each stuck to this day! I have subsequently cycled across countries and lived a caffeine-free, carbon-neutral, financially independent life.

I hope you will let me help you share my passion for understanding the mechanics behind happiness, with you, and bring even more happiness into your part of this wonderful world. 

The creation of A Good Way To Think:

The real start of this journey started through the latter half of 2002, where, after a very happy childhood, I stopped feeling emotions. For five months I “existed” in a vacant state of emptiness, not sad or angry, nor joyous or elated. Then something happened that changed my life entirely.

It was Friday the 24th of January 2003, and I woke up for the first time in my life. From the moment my eyes opened I felt something new.  There was an energy in me that had never existed before! I was suddenly aware, fully aware of myself and the world around me, and for the first time in half a year, I truly experienced something. I laughed and smiled and so full of life, so full of love. The greatest feeling was an overwhelming sensation of gratitude for such wonderful gifts!

The next day, I looked back on the previous day, and my sincere gratitude for this new-found happiness created my first experience of “compound happiness”. This is where gratitude for happiness generates a deeper happiness, and in turn, restarts the cycle. Each subsequent day was filled with intense gratitude for whatever woke my soul and my entire life philosophy was suddenly, totally realigned, to happiness. The string of elated days turned to weeks and eventually years…

It took me 12 subsequent years of very fortunate happiness to I realise that my mind worked a little different to most people’s! I had followed a “status quo” life, become a Master of Engineering from a well respected University and completed a prestigious fast-track leadership development program for a multinational aerospace company.

As the years went by, I noticed my greatest fulfilment came from offering life advice for my friends, explaining more positive perspectives to view or process certain life events and supporting a local charity, that helps vulnerable young people regain their lives. These support opportunities became the highlight of each day and I finally knew that turning a small cog in a big tax evading machine was not my best life!

For many years before the big life reorientation, I had often felt unfairly fortunate to have so much happiness in my life, and found it far more fulfilling to share this good fortune and happiness! The desire contribute more became so clear that I knew I needed to realign the components of my life. It was easy to quit my job, interesting to reduce my life to a backpack and hard to get some distance and time for myself away from good people, but I needed for focus clearly, and I wanted to do it right.

I sold and donated many sacks of possessions, closed down accounts and hit the open road. I began a journey of dedicated learning, to understand more of what makes people happy in the countless cultures of the world.  I spent most of 2014 across Southern Asia, where I meditated for 100 hours in 10 silent days in Nepal, learned more about Buddhism across the South East Asian countries, and continue to observed the diversity of humanity and the impacts of our lifestyles on our happiness to this day.


I also maintain a travel blog, click the image for more.

I continue to learn through my culturally exploratory nomadic lifestyle and maintain a curiosity for all the diverse habits, thoughts and activities that bring people happiness. I meditate daily and attend 10 day Vipassana courses annually.

This community continues to grow and it’s an honour to work with the people brave enough to become even better, people!

I sincerely wish you every success with your happiness,

David 🙂

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