A Temporary Perspective

What goes on inside our heads influences our happiness more than anything we had, have or could ever get. 

Someone that hates everything about their job might still be happy at work if they know they’ll be going on vacation at the end of the day.

Likewise, that same person can be surrounded by family, beauty and luxury while on vacation, but fail to appreciate and enjoy these gifts by dreading the impending return to work!

So to enjoy these very short lives more, we oftentimes need to tune into the reality of the present moment.

Understanding that nothing lasts forever, what can be enjoyed right now?

Often, tuning into the things we can be grateful for is enough, (practice finding the good, nurturing gratitude, or developing awareness). Other times, as we become more aware of each situation, we become aware that we are responsible for our well-being, and realise that it is on ourselves to take actions to improve it.

To enjoy life, enjoy the thoughts in your head!

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