100 Steps Happier – Out Today!

Our exciting new happiness enhancing guidebook – 100 Steps Happier – goes on sale today!

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I’m so pleased to share this exciting new book with you. It’s been many months of development, deconstructing the elements of our lives that most impact our happiness into a clear and logical framework, and collating a suite of practical exercises to enhance our thought habit patterns and increase our capacity for happiness.

100 steps happier combines scientifically oriented methods from Positive Psychology with millennia old Buddhist techniques, and habit forming practical exercises developed via the happiness training programs run by A Good Way To Think. It also explores the physiology behind happiness and the profound effects it has on our physical and mental health.

This is a fun to read, informative, action oriented habit forming approach created to maximise the influence of happiness increasing habits to our life satisfaction and well-being.

Drop me a message with any questions or comments, and if you fancy getting a few spare copies for your friends and family you might even end up surrounded by happiness!

Here’s the link again to order a copy, and don’t forget the 10% discount with the code: DISCOUNT10

If it’s not the right time for you to get this book at the moment I want to thank you sincerely for being a part of the community. We’re really changing lives.

Thank you

A Good Way To Think is a happiness growing community using practical exercises and proven methods to help you and your world live even happier!

Passing on this little “Hi” is a great way to share our mission of making the world a happier place, one little bit at a time! Thanks for being a part of the community.

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